We created a Kickstarter to print, promote, and grow our grassroots marketing. We had 60 days to reach our funding goal. In July, we reached our goal and wanted to say thank you to everyone who supported us! It is because of you that we can bring our story to life.

Thank you!


A few kind words

A beautifully written and illustrated book, to share with all ages. As a retired teacher, a perfect tool to use for mindfulness, figurative language, and imagery. A must have for all ages.
— Cherry, Elementary School Teacher
We read this every night to our two kids and it really calms them down and gets them into a relaxed mode before bed. The book is perfect for kids of all ages, even adults! My favorite part is the illustration- the art is absolutely beautiful and I love that my kids are seeing positive and happy art right before they doze off to sleep. I highly recommend this book to anyone, its the perfect book to keep at home and a wonderful gift!
— -Sarah, Mother of Two Little Ones
What a beautiful unique story of dreams. Breathe Into My Dreams reminds children ( and adults) to “breathe in, breathe out“ and dream sweet dreams. Would be a great bedtime book for children needing to relax and settle into a peaceful sleep. Even the illustrations are dreamy! A wonderful book for all ages.
— Bonnie
This is a wonderful book to read and to breathe along with your child &/or grandchild, to bring our mindfulness of breath together with the lyrical phrases and colorful whimsical Illustrations from throughout the world. It’s a fun, artistically creative book that conveys a sense of our world as a safe, friendly, welcoming place to explore and breathe easily in.
— Skip & Toni